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Quality Teak

Quality Teak

Teak is a dense, coarse, close-grained hardwood which has the following fabulous properties:-

  • It naturally contains high levels of resinous oil that acts as an insect repellent and allows it to be resistant to moisture and the drying effects of weather.
  • Teak also contains silica, which creates a density to the wood that allows it to be resistant to fungal decay, water, rotting, warping, shrinking, swelling and many chemicals.
  • It will not rust or corrode metals it comes in contact with and it can withstand the elements of all season.
  • No other wood compares to teak regarding its durability, elegance, stability and low maintenance; thus making it the ultimate material choice for furniture construction.
  • Teak wood is used primarily in the construction of outdoor furniture and in various aspects of shipbuilding because of its virtually indestructible composition.
  • Teak weathers beautifully and can be left untreated outdoors without the risk of rotting.  It requires minimal maintenance and does not need to be sealed or treated on a regular basis.

The inherent imperfections present in teak wood enhance its natural beauty and adds uniqueness to each piece.When first purchased, the furniture is a bright, golden colour and its natural oils make it appear polished.The surface oil evaporates within the first week, but the oil below the surface will last the lifetime of the furniture and enables the unmatched durability of the wood.After one or two seasons outdoors, the wood will turn to a silver-grey.  And it will remain like that without ever warping, twisting, rotting or splintering.Teak  wood furniture is knot-free, smooth, handsome and will never need to be replaced.

Burmese Teak 

Teak the world's leading timber is generally known as the jewel of the forest. Besides its exceptional durability, stability and strength, teak has other valuable qualities. When exposed to sunlight it quickly gains a mature appearance and gives off a pleasant look of golden vitality and lasting beauty. When used indoors, teak can be seen serving its desired purpose in palaces and temples going back 1000 years. Teak's natural oil and wax also gives finished surfaces an impressive smoothness.

The exceptional qualities of teak are:-

  • high durability due to presence of tecto-quione (natural oils)
  • low uptake of moisture results in little warping and exceptional stability.
  • extreme durability with relative low weight ratio.
  • high resistance to absorption of chemicals.
  • exceptionally beautiful colour & texture.
  • resistance to pests and termite.
  • excellent workability.

Teak originates from the monsoon forests in the region of Laos, Myanmar (former Burma) and Thailand. It was only a few centuries ago, when the qualities of teak were recognized that planting began in Africa, South America and other South-East Asian counties.

Burmese teak is the common term for teak grown in its original natural habitat and has superior qualities as compared to its cousins from other regions.

Comparing Burmese teak (natural teak) and Plantation teak

Burmese teak

Age of harvest: above 60 years and up to 120 years old. Mature teak has much higher oil content, improving its durability.

Properties: High competition in natural habitat results in narrow annual rings distance. This slower growth rate results in higher density and more durable wood.

Appearance: golden brown, fine silky texture with straight to slightly wavy grain.

Other teak

Age of harvest: between 20 to 30 years, up to 60 years old. Young teak has lower natural oil content.

Properties: plantation environment results in wider annual rings with lower density wood.

Appearance: less uniform colour and coarser texture.