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Teak Maintainance


  • Teak furniture requires very little to no care and will maintain its unparalleled strength, beauty and elegance for many years.

  • The only maintenance required to care for teak furniture is periodic cleaning.

  • Teak furniture can be washed with a mild mixture of soap and water and it is recommended that a soft utility brush be used to remove surface dirt and dust.

  • The furniture must be rinsed thoroughly after cleaning and be allowed to dry completely.For grease stains and/or deeper cleaning, a commercial grade teak cleaner can be used.

  • Using this cleaner will remove the silver-gray finish on the wood and restore the original golden tone.It is not necessary to heavily scrub or polish teak furniture; one can expect to clean an entire chair in under half an hour.

Teak furniture does not require the application of wood sprays, preservatives or oils as it is naturally high in oil content. However, if the silver-gray finish is too rustic for particular tastes, oil can be applied to create a full, rich surface sheen. It is important to ensure the furniture is clean and dry before applying any oil treatments. Once teak furniture is oiled, periodic re-oiling is recommended. Treating with oil also aids in the prevention of water marks and stains. Untreated teak furniture is more susceptible to staining, but these marks will eventually fade into a uniform silver-gray with continued exposure to sunlight.