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Jati & Kebon Furniture

About Jati & Kebon

Today’s consumers are very particular and they make high demands on modern garden furniture. One obvious requirement is that garden furniture should be made of materials which withstand the elements and age with grace, even though they are used in the open for many years. But modern garden furniture is expected to be so much more. It has to match with the mood of the house and the natural setting and it has to be in harmony with the customer’s life style; above all, it has to meet the customer’s personal requirements as far as comfort and functionality are concerned.  

Jati&Kebon, has taken up the challenge, focussing all its resources on the development of outstanding products and refusing to engage in extravagant marketing ploys. In so doing we can present a line of garden furniture of which the price-quality relation and the range of models and materials are quite unique.


Teak is the classic material for durable and timeless garden furniture as it blends in so well with any kind of surroundings. The Jati&Kebon teakline uses only carefully selected woods to make high-quality and functional furniture. The range is unequalled thanks to its foldable as well as its rigid chairs and the solid tables which can be folded up, extended or put end to end.

Teak & Batyline®/Textiline

This unique product integrates the two finest materials for weatherproof outdoor furniture of the highest quality: teak and Textiline, there is no better match for modern-design houses and gardens than this exclusive range. If you are looking for extreme lightness, your choice will be the models combining Teak with Textiline covering.


Jati&Kebon Weaving is a completely novel variation on the trendy theme of woven furniture. Every item is first-rate quality and yet offered at affordable prices, which makes for quite a difference from expensive products with a designer surcharge or inferior cheap mass-products. The whole range uses the fantastic Viro-fibre, dyed in a multitude of colours and stretched over an aluminium frame in matching colours.