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Maintaining Jati & Kebon products

 Maintaining your Jati & Kebon furniture


Teak is a very dense and compact wood with a high oil and caoutchouc content. Thanks to these properties it does not absorb water, so that dry rot, cracks (except in crosscuts) and mould will not affect it.

Teak will not warp and even after being in the open for a long time it will keep its shape. It is to be noted that these characteristics hold only for machine-processed and oven-dried heartwood of mature trees – the kind of wood selected for Jati&Kebon teak.

By contrast, teak from young trees, not dried and/or worked manually will not meet these high expectations. Jati&Kebon gets its teak from state-controlled plantations in Indonesia.

Contrary to widely held belief, teak does not need any maintenance to remain in good shape, even when it is kept out in the open all year round for many years. Still, if teak furniture is to keep its pleasant looks regular cleaning with a brush and a mild detergent or Jati&Kebon Teak Cleaner is required. Without any further treatment teak will in due course acquire its typical silver-grey patina.

If you prefer its original honey-brown colour, you can prevent the silver patina from emerging by a treatment with Jati&Kebon Teak Protector (after cleaning).


Jati&Kebon weaving is made of viro-fibre. Viro-fibre is a mass-coloured fibre of HD-PE (High Density Polyethylen). HD-PE is a near-ideal material for outdoor furniture. It resists both high and low temperatures, keeping its elasticity in temperatures between -85°C and +90° C. It does not absorb water and resists acids, caustic solutions and oil – in other words, it is fully weatherproof. As UV-rays make it brittle, UV-stabilizers are added to protect it permanently and reliably. Its high elasticity and smoothness mean that even the most demanding shapes can be woven without any problems.

No special maintenance is required to keep woven items in good shape. They can be cleaned with a mild detergent, and for more intensive cleaning a high-pressure pistol can be used.


Both these kinds of weaving are used in combination with Jati&Kebon aluminium, stainless steel and teak. They are nylon strands consisting of many fibres, comparable to a very thin washing line, which are woven to an exceptionally durable fabric. They are tearproof and UV-resistant and do not absorb water. The use of these products makes it possible to make very light garden furniture offering outstanding comfort even without upholstering. No special maintenance is required.

Cleaning is simple: wiping with a mild detergent will do. For intensive cleaning a high-pressure pistol can be used.